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Trusted & Experienced Providers of Family Mediation 

Members of the Family Mediation Council

Winners of Dacorum's Den Business Award 2013 and Silver      Shining Star Award 2023 for services to clients and community    

What is Mediation For?

Mediation enables clients to work together with the help of trained mediators to resolve issues relating to child contact, finances and property disputes following relationship breakdown.

After over a decade of face to face mediation, when the Covid 19 pandemic struck we moved to online mediation. Having evolved our processes and working arrangements we got back to our high success rates using the online process. Currently it enables us to keep our fees down so that our clients retain more of their hard earned money for their own families and cuts out appointment travel time.  Our clients seem to appreciate these benefits. The world has changed and so have we.  


We believe that mediation is the best option for most families whether you have substantial assets to plan for or are working hard to make ends meet and in receipt of benefits. Green Light Mediation tries to be accessible. We are registered with The Government Voucher Scheme which can provide up to £500 towards mediation session costs, have income related fees and also offer legal aid for mediation. See our prices page for details.

The Mediators are impartial and help you to make your own decisions regarding the practical questions and issues that arise after relationship breakdown.


Mediation allows a family to find a positive way forward that suits them rather than something ordered by a court. The mediation process can be much faster, less stressful and is considerably less expensive than a dispute pursued through court proceedings.

When considering which service to contact we suggest only using Family Mediation Council members. There is a website where you can check a mediator is a member

If your mediator is not on the above they are not bound by FMC standards and if they say they can sort out your family finances in one session, run! Nobody can achieve a safe, considered outcome for finance that can be made binding that fast unless you don't have any property!


Should I see a solicitor before I come to mediation?

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Why Choose Us?

Award-winning Green Light Mediation provides family mediation services. We are based in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire North London, but are have been providing online services nationwide since 2020, having set up our service in 2012.

We are members of The Family Mediators Association (FMA), The College of Mediators & Resolution which are all member bodies of The Family Mediation Council. All our mediators are accredited or working towards accreditation.


We also have specialist mediators qualified to work directly with children and to supervise the practice of other mediation services. You are in safe hands. Before qualifying as accredited mediators our mediators worked previously as solicitors, barristers or in strategy. We also work with mediators with therapeutic backgrounds.

We understand both the law and people.

We worked from premises in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St. Albans, Harpenden and near Banbury prior to the pandemic but currently our appointments are by Zoom as having surveyed our clients, that was the most convenient for them, and enabled us to keep our costs down.

  • We are approved MIAMS providers (sometimes referred to as mediation awareness see "to begin" page for more information). We have also provided quotes for a book by Only Mums and Only Dads explaining this process. We were also asked to be involved with the Ministry of Justice's consultation about family law reform. Should a court form be required, there is no additional cost.

  • 1. We believe we are the only service in Hertfordshire offering Co-mediation without extra cost for fee paying clients. We offer this as we believe it enables our service to achieve a higher resolution rate, and require fewer sessions. Co-mediation simply means two mediators working together to help you find a solution. There are occasions where we use it for children's matter too.

  • 2. We are specialists and have a number of highly experienced mediators with a real heart for children and specialist qualifications to see them directly. It is not unusual for our service to be asked to speak to other services about our work.

  • We are registered for the government voucher scheme and can therefore apply for government voucher's for up to £500 towards mediation costs. We also offer legal aid for mediation. Our service offers income related prices to make our service accessible whether you and your ex-partner have similar or very different incomes.

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