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To Begin...

Simply email or phone us on 01442 500059 to arrange an intake meeting (also known as a MIAM).


We are an approved MIAM provider (also known as a mediation awareness meeting or "intake"). 


This will tell you more about the process and provide an opportunity to discuss your case with the mediators without any commitment to proceed. The meeting usually lasts approximately 40 minutes. You can then choose to sign up for mediation or not if it doesn't seem right for your situation. We also assess for legal funding eligibility at this point and can recommend service providers if you qualify. We are a private mediation firm and do not currently offer legally funded mediation.


An individual intake meeting only costs £99 with Green Light Mediation in office hours. To see full mediation costs please see prices and services . Completion of the mediator section of court application forms is offered free of charge to those attending a MIAM if necessary. A Miam is valid for up to 4 months, after which the court will consider it to have expired and clients would therefore need to start the process again. It is quite possible that the issues will have changed after 4 months.  more than 4 months.



"Do I have to come to an intake (miam) with my ex partner?"


No, usually intake meetings are carried out individually, although we do offer both please see prices and services for fees."Do I have to speak to my ex partner about mediation?" You can broach this subject if you feel comfortable doing so. If not ,we can do this for you.

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