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Our Expertise

"We set up Green Light Mediation Ltd in 2012 as we felt there had to be a better way for families to manage their divorce/relationship breakdown that didn't cost the earth and enabled a reduction in conflict going forwards. We are particularly passionate about a genuine child centred approach." Sarah England & Karen Schirn, Founders of G.L.M.

What is Mediation?

Mediation can help clients work together with the help of trained mediators to resolve issues relating to child contact, finances and property disputes following relationship breakdown. During the COVID-19 outbreak all appointments are by telephone or video conference. The online option helps you find a way forward.

The Mediators are impartial and help you to make your own decisions regarding the practical questions and issues that arise after relationship breakdown.

Mediation allows a family to find a positive way forward that suits them rather than something ordered by a court. The mediation process can be much faster, less stressful and is considerably less expensive than a dispute pursued through court proceedings.

When considering which service to contact only use Family Mediation Council members.

There is a website where you can check a mediator is a member:

If your mediator is not on the above they are not bound by FMC standards and if they say they can sort out your family finances in one session, run! Nobody can achieve a safe, considered outcome for finance that can be made binding that fast unless you don't have any property.



Should I See a Solicitor Before I Come To Mediation?

No, you do not need to see a solicitor before you attend an initial meeting with a mediator. There may, however be points during the process where independant legal advice is useful and we will signpost clients at that point.

Benefits of mediation

IMPORTANT TO KNOW!!!! It is estimated that the cost of an average divorce negotiated through solicitors (without ANY dispute) is £3000 - £5000 per person.


If the divorce is disputed through the courts, the costs will spiral... just keep adding noughts!


The cost of an average divorce using mediation is only £1000 per person by comparison. Our costs are tailored to your circumstances.


Mediated settlements are, research suggests more likely to be kept to than orders imposed by a court, particularly in the case of children's matters.

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