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Putting children first

"We have to accept separation and divorce as a counterbalance to failed cohabitation and marriage. Contemporary society, where many people live into their eighties and beyond, cannot manage without it. But the wellbeing of the children who will grow up to form that society in their turn is being put at unnecessary risk by the way that safety valve is deployed. It is clear that it could be managed better. Instead of asking "should people stay together for the children's sake? we should be asking "can women and men who cannot live in peaceful comfort together be better mothers and fathers when they are apart? The question is rarely asked, because who gets divorced to be a better parent? And if it was asked the answer would be assumed to be "no". But it is clear that when separating adults can make the needs of the children their priority the answer is often "yes".Penelope Leach. Interesting perspective, what do you think? Can this be so?

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