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Wanting Closure & Calm in 2018

Wanting Closure & Calm in 2018

Christmas & New Year for many are markers on our timeline; a time to take stock and review. Often we see clients who have been bravely putting a smiling face on for their children, hiding the desperation, loneliness or insecurity. With the New Year comes resolve. Resolve to find a better path and put the mess in the past. Those individuals, many highly sensitive caring people worried about all the fundamentals in life such as:

  • How do I afford to house my children?

  • How do I ensure I don’t lose my children or their respect and affection?

  • Who should move out?

  • Will there be anything left for me?

  • How do I ensure we don’t do huge damage to our brilliant children?

  • How do we split our finances?

  • What is the safest method of divorce for us both?

  • What if the other person is too difficult to negotiate anything remotely reasonable?

  • How would a court look at this?

No doubt the breakdown of the relationship has been painful but the above questions can all be answered at Green Light Mediation. Relationship counselling may have been tried and not succeeded. At Green Light Mediation we offer a little more than some other services. We offer a guided process, with strong leadership and lots of information to help you make good decisions. If you do need some independent legal advice during the process we will suggest this to you so that you can see a solicitor for a short meeting about a specific point to keep your legal costs right down. Don’t worry if you don’t have a solicitor; we have a list of good local solicitors. We are also a co-mediation service so you benefit from two mediators working for you to find safe solutions. One will usually have a solicitor background (but will not still be working as a solicitor so specialists only) and one an alternative background to ensure two skillsets but we don’t charge any extra; simply pride ourselves on high success rates.

If you need to move on in 2018, the first step is a small one. It is booking a meeting called a MIAM or Intake meeting. It will only last approximately 40 minutes and provides an opportunity to find out more, understand the principles of mediation and ask lots of questions and currently only costs £95 with Green Light Mediation. Be careful to ensure that you only consider mediation practices with accredited mediators if you are seeking experienced professionals. Step one to a more settled Christmas 2018 is calling 01442 500059 or emailing Our mediators are busy at this time of year but they will call you back by 7.30pm the same day if they are in appointments when you call. We wish you calm closure with a bright future in 2018, at Green Light Mediation we think all our clients should have the best support to achieve that.

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