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Sky High Costs

Why, given we have moved to a digital process which must surely be cheaper are families in crisis having to absorb such massive rises?

Court fees will increase from 30 September. The fee for a divorce/dissolution/judicial separation petition will increase from £550 to £592 and the fee to commence Children Act proceedings will increase from £215 to £232.

How is this justifiable? It seems such a large rise, proportionately when families are commonly already under financial stress during divorce. Financial worries and stress are a significant cause of relationship breakdown, we are already seeing spikes in domestic violence and mental health services are swamped.

On the subject of children's matters, some clients are making the choice between activities or justice for their child. Given the alarming decisions around legal aid and reducing the option to work online we wonder sometimes if the powers that be have any concept of the struggles many families are facing or even those professionals trying to help at affordable rates?

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