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How does online mediation work?

Online mediation is easy and convenient. Each client usually has an individual meeting (MIAM) but joint intake meetings are possible. This can be by WhatsApp or Facetime. Occasionally it can be by telephone too (please ask if you prefer this option).

Once this is complete we will agree a mutually convenient time and set up a first mediation. You will be able to see the mediators and each other. For financial mediation we will have asked you to complete some forms ahead and these may also be viewed during the session.

Many families are struggling to agree contact arrangements during the pandemic. Online mediation is the best way to work it out calmly with a child centred approach.

An appointment lasts between an hour and a quarter and an hour and a half. The prices are all on our website. If you are in receipt of means tested benefits you may be eligible for legal aid for mediation. We can offer this too, see our prices page for details.

If you would like more information just email us at or call us on 01442 500059.

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Aug 21, 2020

Hi Admin

Mediation – Is it your best option?

This comment is very useful for law purpose

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