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We are moving!

 We are moving!

We are so excited to be moving to a slightly larger office! Mediations will take place in the new space by the afternoon of Monday 14th of May. We will be "working our brand" colour on one wall and looking forward to welcoming our clients to our new calm space to work our their own next steps with our support. We are still in The Maylands Business Centre with free parking but in a larger space.

The last three years have seen our service get busier and busier as the benefits of co-mediation without any additional cost prove to be a winning formula for our clients, even some of those who thought their situation just couldn't be managed by anything other than the court process! Well managed mediation with experience professionals is highly effective even with some of the tough cases. If you are not sure whether it could work for you, just give us a call and have a chat, what have you got to lose?

Tel: 01442 500059

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