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Child Inclusive Mediation

This service is offered by Green Light Mediation. It is not a step we have taken lightly as we are concerned, and rightly so, that children having a tough time should not be forced to make decisions their parents can't seem to manage. That however, is not the purpose of child inclusive mediation. The purpose is to focus the attention of everyone on the most important people, the children. It appears there is both interest from parents and children, particularly teens wishing to make their voices heard too.

The process is carefully handled at Green Light Mediation, ensuring a qualified and accredited mediator is involved. There is preparation with all the adults first and it only goes ahead if the adults are all on the same page in terms of making it work for the children.

The children have an opportunity; if they wish to be heard. They can say what is and is not to be passed back and the feelings and priorities of those important people can be factored in to adult decision making. No child will ever be forced to do this and the parents both need to support the process to get a good outcome.

Research has shown that children who were previously subject to the court process are often very angry and resentful about the process and about their feelings being lost. Child Inclusive Mediation is very different. If you want to know more you are very welcome to call for a brief chat with a mediator in confidence tel: 01442 500059


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